Mayumi Kaneko

Mayumi is a hand weaver. She has always been developing woven textures and patterns in various yarns to make beautiful and intriguing fabrics.  Recently, her main focus has been the exploration of the potential of Japanese paper yarn. The yarn is made from Manila hemp fibres and a Japanese paper making method is used to make it into yarn. It is a very unique, fascinating and sustainable material.

She has been inspired by the AKARI designs of Isamu Noguchi, who has developed Japanese aesthetic conceptions of light and shadow.

The woven paper yarn fabric can be treated like strong paper to fashion and hold a shape. By experimenting with different types of paper yarn, and different weave structures, she has been able to produce fabrics with varying degrees of stiffness and malleability, and with a variety of colours, textures and patterns.

Of the many properties of paper yarn fabric, for this project, she has chosen to develop its capability to be fashioned into sculptural objects.  Her lamp coverings show various sculptural forms, both abstract and geometric. Origami folding creates strength and the resulting faceted shapes produce the variety of light and shadow which she loves.


Mayumi Kaneko


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