Press Release

Paper Rhythms
  -  和紙糸 その変幻  Weave and Braid –


金子まゆみ(織作家)とジェニー ペリー(組紐作家)による展示会です。



組紐作家のジェニー ペリーさんは日本の伝統である組紐技術を独自に発展させました。今回は高台を用いて創作した3D オブジェクトの美術作品を紹介します。




An exhibition of Weave & Braid by Mayumi Kaneko (Japan) and Jennie Parry (UK)

Two widely acclaimed artists and craftsmen employ their British (UK) training to shed new light onto Japanese traditions.

The resulting innovations are celebrated by work most of which is displayed here for the first time. Both use the commercially available, beautiful Japanese paper yarn, which has an individual character contributing to the ground-breaking yet traditional nature of their exhibits.

Inspiration from the cross fertilization of the two cultures shines out from Mayumi’s and Jennie’s creations. Both are leaders and daring explorers in their own related fields. Although at the very forefront of their experimental art, the work is nevertheless beautifully finished, complete and accessible.

Origami and kumihimo techniques are used with great respect for the purity of form for which the Japanese culture is so revered.

Mayumi Kaneko designs fabrics that will fold and pleat to create her stunning one-off lights, dyeing the yarns to suit. Her fashion fabrics handle and drape with lightness and ease.
Please click here to see her work.

Jennie Parry works almost exclusively on takadai, exploiting this ingenious equipment, together with unusual combinations of yarns to make 3D braids that are expressive art forms.
Please click here to see her work.


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